Fire Safety


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Course Overview

As all employees must complete basic fire awareness training, our online training is suitable to a wide variety of business sectors with a low to normal risk; especially busy companies who have problems getting everyone on one place. Your risk assessment will confirm the suitability of the training to your business.

Although it is a requirement under fire safety legislation that all employees must receive adequate fire safety training and it must be repeated periodically our training is aimed at those companies with 5 or more employees who have a responsibility to record and audit their training; Individuals or companies with less than 5 employees do not need documented evidence of their fire safety training.

What you will learn?

All the basics of fire safety in the workplace and how to evacuate safely in an emergency

What the course covers:

  1. Legislation
  2. Fire theory
  3. Actions on discovering a fire
  4. Evacuating
  5. Extinguishing fires safely
  6. Fire extinguishers